Vicente Yépez

Vicente Yepez
Vicente Yepez - Artists 360 Project Grant Recipient 2020

Project Description

Fútbol For The People is a bilingual podcast/media channel that uses narrative and conversation to generate discussion about the ethics and politics of soccer. By focusing on soccer clubs’ historic roles as community institutions, Fútbol For The People seeks to encourage its audience members to build, reinforce, and continue supporting their local community institutions. 

Artist Bio

Vicente Yépez is a writer, educator, and graduate of the University of Arkansas’ Creative Writing MFA. Raised along the Mexico/Texas border, Vicente’s hybrid-genre writing centers on intersectional identity and the issues that affect marginalized communities in the US and Latin America. Vicente is also the founder and host of Fútbol For The People, a bilingual podcast/media channel that discusses the intersection of soccer, ethics, and working-class politics. Since relocating to Arkansas, Vicente has worked to establish relationships with community organizations to empower workers and provide literacy tools that can help them better advocate for themselves and their communities.