Suzanne Underwood Rhodes

Suzanne Underwood Rhodes

Project Description

Milk from the Moon: 

These poems explore the mysterious space between loss and living common to all humans. How to live purposefully in the interim, between earth with its sorrows and a heaven promising joy is the urgent and profound question woven through poems of lyrical and narrative style. I write of my own experience of loss and tell stories of others, from real life, history, and art. I write about loss of community and losses to the creation, of trees, songbirds, and entire species, and how gravely we’re diminished when we destroy—yet life still calls from the cracks.

Artist Bio

Suzanne Underwood Rhodes is a teaching poet and the Arkansas Poet Laureate. A native of New York, she lives in Fayetteville and has published several poetry collections, including the award-winning Flying Yellow. Her poems appear regularly in journals and anthologies such as Slant, Mid/South Anthology, and Image. She taught creative writing and literature at King University and teaches virtual poetry workshops through the Muse Writers Center in Norfolk, Virginia. Believing poetry, like books, can be “an ax for the frozen sea within,” as Kafka said, she also brings poetry workshops to the women residents of Magdalene Serenity House in Fayetteville.