Stephanie Payton

Stephanie Payton
Stephanie Payton - Artists 360 Project Grant Recipient 2022

Project Description

Highs and Lows: an Introspective Examination of the Cognitive and the Corporeal. The completion of this large scale project will result in a sculptural installation that will delve into the effects of Type 1 Diabetes both mentally and physically. An arrangement of many repetitive sculptural forms will reflect the highs and lows both emotionally and in relation to blood glucose levels that a Type 1 Diabetic experiences on a day to day basis throughout the course of their struggle with the disease.

Artist Bio

Payton is a sculptor and installation artist from Hackett, AR who creates compositions that express the idea of contrast by exploring the complexities of geometric forms in relation to organic forms. Payton experiments with techniques such as clay hand building, slip casting, and sculpting with plaster. She received a BA in Art from University of the Ozarks in 2019. Payton has received several awards and scholarships, internship and leadership opportunities, and has worked as a tutor and studio assistant for several years. Payton now serves as the Ceramic Studio Manager at Arts On Main in Van Buren, Arkansas.