Sky Maggiore

Sky Maggiore
Sky Maggiore - Artists 360 Student Grant Recipient 2022

Artist Statement

Often departing from the photograph itself, my practice utilizes photographic mechanics and language to speculate ideas of perception. I consider how visual media and immersive installation can intervene to question the ways in which photography and queerness intersect. My inquiry into perception and embodiment are driven by my lived experience as an artist from rural Appalachia. Through multiple mediums, the work contemplates grief, transformation, survival, endurance, and illegibility within a non-heteronormative existence. I use remnants of my own transition to speak to its ephemeral and non-linear nature. These corporeal remnants confront fixed understandings of trans experience and become a site of research for conceptual and material parts of the work. Relative to my own existence, the work resides in a space that is continually in-process, referencing a cyclical nature of being where materials or concepts will eventually reiterate into new form or be recycled into further work.

Artist Bio

Sky Maggiore (b. 1992) is an artist and educator from rural New York. Since receiving their BFA from Purchase College, Sky is a Graduate Assistant in the School of Art at the University of Arkansas and a former seasonal instructor in Photography at Camp Nubar in Delancey NY. Their work has been published with Kris Graves Projects and The Photographer’s Greenbook.