Sarah Loucks

Sarah Loucks
Sarah Loucks - Artists 360 Student Grant Recipient 2021

Artist Statement

As a playwright, I am invested in a nuanced examination of economic inequality in America, the systems that enforce it, and the consequences of such for the American people. I craft working class stories into theater that is visceral and intelligent, employing both a delicacy of psychology and boldness of theatricality. My work often uses dark humor and vernacular to create realistic portraits of American people as they struggle and celebrate, fight and make peace, and search for themselves against the backdrop of a complicated and often frightening country.

Artist Bio

Sarah Loucks is a playwright and theatre maker. She produces her plays under the name MouthRadio in Austin, TX and is currently an MFA candidate in playwriting at The University of Arkansas. Most recently, Sarah produced a performance festival dedicated to Dolly Parton called DOLLY FEST 2019 in Austin, TX. Her work has been presented or developed in Austin, TX and New York City at Hyde Park Theater, The VORTEX, Jimmie’s .43, The Museum of Human Achievement, MastroGeorge Theatre, and ATM Gallery. She is a winner of the Three New American Plays Award from Forward Flux Productions.