Sarah Loucks


Project Description

“Automated” is a new play in development that investigates the coming transition to automated trucking within the transportation industry. The story follows a female trucker named Brenda after she loses her job to automation. Distraught by the loss of her livelihood, she drives the highways of America, contemplating how to create meaning within her life when everything she has worked for has been stripped away. A story of American capitalism, hope, and the fight to survive, this piece takes a hard look at the consequences of automation for both our country and the human spirit.

Artist Bio

Sarah Loucks is a playwright and theater maker based in Fayetteville, Arkansas. She was a recipient of the Artist 360 Student Grant from the Mid-America Arts Alliance in 2021 and a winner of the Three New American Plays award from Forward Flux Productions in 2017. Prior to Fayetteville, Sarah resided in Austin, TX where she produced her plays in theaters, parking lots, and DIY spaces. She studied Grotowski technique with Double Edge Theatre and was a participant in the Rhodopi International Theatre Laboratory in Bulgaria. She often writes about class, labor, and American entropy. M.F.A University of Arkansas.