Lakisha Bradley

Lakisha Bradley
Lakisha Bradley - Artists 360 Community Activator Grant Recipient 2022

Project Description

A bus stop is a designated place where buses stop for passengers to get on and off. Imagine waiting for the bus with no shelter on a cold and rainy day while carrying bags of groceries. The purpose of this project is to transform a bus stop by providing shelter for passengers while bringing awareness to the need for safe spaces in our community in collaboration with Ozark Regional Transit and local art partners.

Artist Bio

Lakisha Bradley is a Social Practice artist, entrepreneur, and JBU counseling graduate student who discovered her love for art at five yrs. old through teachings from her dad. After 16 years in corporate retail, Lakisha chose to take a leap of faith. While on the journey of rediscovering herself, Lakisha began to paint again. Art became a therapeutic and healing outlet. In 2017, she founded the award-winning MY-T-BY-DESIGN Therapeutic Art Studios serving youth and families within the juvenile justice system, assisted living facilities, schools, universities, and corporations to share the power of healing art to 10k+ individuals to date.