Lacy Post

Lacy Post

Project Description

“Find the blue spots on the map and plan the trip from there.”

A pair of twin cats from Oklahoma, a message from your recently deceased Cherokee Grandmother via a ceremony of the birth of the White Buffalo, delivered to you under a tree on a goat farm. An exploration of what it means to come home. Blue Spots: A Road Trip is a collage of conversations. A play about getting lost, grief, growing up, and an itching, rambling need to follow an inner voice that tells you when it’s time to go.

Artist Bio

Lacy Post is a theatre director, performer, and teaching artist committed to making work that questions assumptions and embraces the complexities of the human experience. She is passionate about making art cheap and accessible. Lacy is from Tulsa, Oklahoma, holds an MFA in Theatre directing from the University of Arkansas, and a BA in theatre from Bard College. Her directing work has been featured locally at Trike Theatre and the University of Arkansas, and in New York at The Brick Theater, The Living Gallery, Silent Barn, Medicine Show Theater, All People’s Community Garden, and many basements, rooftops, & kitchen tables.