Karen Castleman

Karen Castleman
Karen Castleman - Artists 360 Community Activator Grant Recipient 2022

Project Description

DanceChance NWA Season 2 gives emerging and established choreographers in Northwest Arkansas a platform to present new work for a live audience. Centering participation, audiences and choreographers will participate in feedback utilizing the Liz Lerman Critical Response Process, creating dialogue around the art of making dance, providing audiences a greater sense of connection and understanding, and offering valuable reflection tools for choreographers to continue development in anticipation of a final showcase to conclude the season.

Artist Bio

Karen Castleman is a dancer, choreographer, educator and community organizer, creating spaces for deepening the experience of dance as an art form. She enjoys problem solving and looking at the familiar in new ways. Her work is site specific and collaborative. Whether creating dance in a theater, museum, parking garage or open field, utilizing ballet, modern, popular or pedestrian vocabularies, she welcomes viewers to make new meaning out of the most familiar subject, the body. She is the co-founder of NWA Movement Hub, connecting people from all walks of life to the power, beauty and joy of dance.