Kalyn Fay Barnoski

Kalyn Barnoski
Kalyn Fay Barnoski - Artists 360 Student Artist 2020

Artist Statement

In my songwriting and musical compositions, I explore the relationship of my personal, contemporary Indigenous (Cherokee, Creek) experience with the physical space I inhabit. The musicality of my songs are directly influenced by the terrain of specific landscapes, from the rise and fall of the prairie horizon line to the jutting hills of the Ozarks. This process comes from Indigenous epistemologies generationally passed down and allows me to portray the kinship between land and humanity. My lyrics are used as a tool for self-location, exploring the intersections of leaving and returning, the implication of existing in a settler-colonial state alongside an inherited Indigenous knowledge base, and participating in cultural community versus institutional space. Liminality is highly influential in my songwriting and used as a tool to lean in, to offer the listener an opportunity to see themselves reflected in many different facets. My songs and records are heartfelt explorations, vulnerable questioning, and the hope of a shared moment. They act as bridges between my understanding and the ways in which our experiences can intersect. They are for me, they are for you, they are for us.