James Eaton IV

James Eaton IV
James Eaton IV - - Artists 360 Student Grant Recipient 2021

Artist Statement

I strive to write music that pushes the idea of narrative within music. I will use any tools necessary, and much of my work is experimental in nature. I predominantly write music using an iPad, both out of necessity, but also as a way to challenge myself creatively. Almost all of my pieces follow a loosely structured narrative to expand upon preexisting ideas and themes. I sometimes enjoy making the narrative obscure in order to force the listener to derive their own meaning, as well as to encourage finding meaning in abstraction. I value the individual’s creative interpretation above all else, and do not compromise in my ideas. I do not believe in justifying my art, and I do not believe in fully explaining the meanings behind all of my art. I believe that is where the connection between the composer and the listener thrives the most.

Artist Bio

James Eaton is a senior music student from Fort Smith, Arkansas. Attending the University of Arkansas- Fort Smith, he has studied saxophone under Dr. Christopher Barrick and Mr. Damian Cheek. James is also an aspiring composer, as he is currently studying under Mr. Don Bailey at UAFS, and has had meetings with local composer Mr. Amos Cochran to discuss composition in detail. James also writes under the name “Abstraktes,” a title in which he has written four albums under. He values experimentation, connecting the composer and performer(s) directly with the audience, and pushing the limits of narrative structure within music.