Heidi Carlsen-Rogers

Heidi Carlsen Rogers
Heidi Carlsen Rogers - Artists 360 Project Grant Recipient 2020

Project Description

As part of the continued development of “By a Thread” tapestry series (which explores our current fragile social & natural landscapes), 10 human-scaled floral tapestries with oversized flowers and draped thread will be constructed. Upon completion, a narrative video and exhibition proposal will be developed.

Artist Bio

Heidi Carlsen-Rogers photographic work translates the way she observes complexity and wonder in the world around her. With floral photography as a foundation, she merges visual impressions with concepts that explore connectedness, wellbeing, inclusiveness and preservation of beauty. The ongoing tension between divine and human nature is an overarching theme in her work. Born in Alabama, she has lived in Connecticut, Ohio and Chicago and was influenced by the diverse experiences, perspectives and personal history that were gathered while living in different regions of the country. She currently resides in and maintains a studio in NW Arkansas.