Elby Mann

Elby Mann
Elby Mann - Artists 360 Project Grant Recipient 2022

Project Description

“Song of the Sea” is an interactive, wall-mounted, music-and-light sculptural installation designed to engage participants in creative musical exploration. Visitors interact with large, colorful ceramic creatures with embedded lights, each a player in an undersea music band.

Using intuitive hands-on and gesture controls, the participant can contribute to a rhythmic new-age electronic musical composition and accompanying light show. With no prior musical training, the visitor gets an opportunity to jam with the band!

Artist Bio

Elby Mann creates colorful interactive sculptures infused with lights and music. After a 25+ year career as a computer-science researcher focused on making software systems easier to use, he retired to Eureka Springs Arkansas, and devoted himself to becoming a performing musician and ceramic sculptor. His current passion, the creation of fanciful ceramic musical creatures with user controls, is the outcome of a deep desire to share experiences of playfulness and community.