Cynthia Post Hunt

Cynthia Post Hunt
Cynthia Post Hunt - Artists 360 Project Grant Recipient 2018

Project Description

Cynthia Post Hunt continues to develop her work “To Have To Hold To”, a live performance, a visceral experience of enacting trust and vulnerability between individuals by transferring agency holding one another and documenting the inevitable moments of release. This work will be curated into a regional solo exhibition.

Artist Bio

Cynthia Post Hunt is a performance artist based in Northwest Arkansas. A graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Post Hunt is the cofounder of Inverse Performance Art Festival which strives to foster local dialogue about performance art on an international scale and build a community of performance artists and supporters. Her work investigates the individual within the context of society through performative action. She chooses isolated movements, in simplified and repetitive patterns, and activates multiple methods of perception, in real time. Post Hunt asks the viewer to explore the boundaries of their own vulnerabilities through engagement with these movements. She relies on the presumption that as humans, we have common shared experiences. Fixating on these moments of shared reality, we further explore the effects of being human.