Craig Colorusso

Craig Colorusso
Craig Colorusso - Artists 360 Project Grant Recipient 2019

Project Description

Sound Steps is an outdoor interactive sound sculpture. There are 17 steps ranging from 1’x1’ to 4’x4’.  Each of the steps plays a different portion of the composition when activated by a participant. The programming is set to fade away after the participants leave and resume when the next individual or group of people comes along. The music is a system that is constantly evolving offering a continuously unique experience, sounding a particular way depending on the number of people interacting. The Sound Steps can also be a catalyst for other creative endeavors including dance, yoga, and music, and workshops for kids.  The versatility of the Sound Steps  programming allows for extended play for special occasions.

Artist Bio

Craig Colorusso was born April 18th, 1970 in Mount Vernon, NY. In the 1990s he was in touring bands and started his own record company. The music began to expand and include sculpture and light. First with MB 89 then with CUBEMUSIC, Sun Boxes and the Moon Pod. Creating environments that all include sound and some with light. The most recent Sound Swings has added even more interaction sending Colorusso on a path for even more work.