Brenda Hernandez

Brenda Hernandez
Brenda Hernandez - Artists 360 Student Grant Recipient 2021

Artist Statement

My art form of choice is in performing arts, specifically ballet folklorico, native to Mexico. It explores the styles of typical dances inspired by different states in Mexico from the well-known Jalisco repertoire to that of the small state of Aguascalientes. Part of creative process is reflecting on my engagements with dance professionals from all regions of Mexico since my introduction to ballet folklorico in 2009. From that, I have understood that different tones exist for dances from different regions. Still, as ballet folklorico itself has been influenced by several cultures, much of the musical accompaniment is open interpretation. Aside from being inspired by the unique music styles of these regions, I gain inspiration from my own relationship to my culture as a first generation student. I think of my art as a medium to connect the current generation to the generations of our parents, grandparents, and so on. Aside from admiring the freeness of this type of dance, I decided in 2015 that I wanted to use my dance background to make the statement that the Mexican community and culture present in Springdale is beautiful and deserves to be shared in all of its forms.

Artist Bio

Brenda Hernandez is an NWA native dancer and dance educator specializing in ballet folklorico, a style of dance originating from Mexico. Through her art, she seeks to close the divide between the artistic aspects of native Mexican culture and Mexican-American culture. She focuses on sharing concepts of native Mexican art and history with today’s youth through the Latin Art Organization of Arkansas. In order to do this, Brenda has gathered knowledge and inspiration by participating in workshops across the country featuring several nationally respected and experienced dance instructors such as Silvia Lozano and Amalia Viviana Basanta Hernández.