Augusta Zuerker

Augusta Zuerker

Artist Statement

Using oil paint, I am exploring what movement in a traditionally still space of a painting feels like. By focusing on high-energy areas like bars, concerts, and, more recently, sporting events, my paintings are figural studies of motion. A cascading synchroneity of limbs allows the story to start and finish on the same picture plane. I rarely exist in stillness, often bouncing from one event to another. I strive to fill my days with different experiences than what is scheduled. Trying to keep my work just as reactionary as my every day, I layer paintings on top of one another to keep myself interested in the piece. I am most likely to find inspiration from the window of a moving car; why would I try to recreate its likeness from a parked perspective? 

Athletic events contain so much emotional and physical movement, and the intricate differences between sports emphasize the importance of muscle memory or repetition of movements in their respective athletes. I have been focusing on athletics in my paintings, primarily as something I have stumbled into loving. A juxtaposition of pace is reflected well between painting and training that forces the hand of the artist and athlete—every decision matters.

Artist Bio

By falling into sports and being forced into the arts in High School, Augusta quickly understood the importance of community. Both activities followed her into college, eventually leading her to experiment with marks and lines to visually depict movement. She lives in a studied whirlwind consisting of academia, work, and travel, all of which provide inspiration for her art. Reconnecting with athletics has brought muscle memory and repetition to the forefront of her work.